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Workplace Violence

Terminated employees continue to be a concern to all businesses because of the number of violent responses seen across the country.  Many of the incidents have led to the loss of life. Staging a meeting away from the office to a neutral location, and having trained investigators on hand to assist can lessen the tension and be a safer solution for all involved.

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Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry

Another U.S. Agent is killed by Mexican criminals who are crossing into our country with firearms, to further their criminal activities.  Having worked on the Mexican border from 1975 until 1981, I know this type of activity is nothing new.  Patrol Officers and Agents have fallen victim to smugglers and Mexican crime groups ever since they have been guarding our borders.  Unfortunately, they have never had the support from the government to handle the job.  If the U.S. government doesn’t “step up” and support our  Patrol Officers and Agents along the Southern Border, we will see the same type of bloody violence in U.S. border towns as experienced in Mexico.  It is time to protect our Agents, Patrol Officers, and our citizens from these murdering groups of bandits.  Now is the time to support the National Guard Border Enforcement Act H.R. 6253.  Contact your Representative and ask them to support H.R. 6253.  Lets show the Mexican government and the crime groups in Mexico we won’t stand idly by while these individuals terrorize our Cities and States.

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