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Counterfeit Products and Organized Crime

Most law enforcement agencies tend to turn a blind eye to the counterfeit goods being sold in the United States.  They simply take no enforcement action against the criminal organizations behind this activity. They say they don’t have the manpower or the backing of their agency to go after such minor issues.

This is not a minor issue.  The people who manufacture counterfeit goods are in it for one reason. GREED.  The money invested by Organized Crime, to manufacture, smuggle, and sell counterfeit goods is one of the safest ways to quickly generate more income.  MORE MONEY TO FINANCE THEIR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES.

The fact that they use child or slave labor to manufacture these goods simply decreases their expenses.  Every dollar you spend to buy counterfeit goods promotes such activities. Don’t be mislead or fool yourself into believing the money goes to these children or those pressed into slave labor.  The profits go right back to the criminals promoting further illegal activities. They could care less that the items of clothing and fashion are substandard and not flame retardant.  If the glasses they smuggle are not 
shatterproof, why should they care.  They are not stupid enough to buy or use them.

They manufacture counterfeit pharmaceuticals that are so much cheaper through the internet or the flea markets.  Many of them contain ingredients that are not on the label, include too little or none of the ingredients found in the real product, and can be dangerous.

Counterfeit automotive and aviation parts have been responsible for endangering our families, our military personnel, and other innocent parties.

Counterfeit cigarettes are flooding the market and are filled with harmful products, more than your genuine brands.

The next time you are tempted to save some money and buy a counterfeit item, whether it be a CD, a DVD, clothing, car parts, electronics, eyewear, medicine, or anything else, remember you are supporting the criminal element in your community.

Report those who are selling counterfeit goods to local law enforcement, the FBI and ICE.  Demand that they take appropriate action. Take time to commend those agencies that understand that this is a growing problem in our community.  Thank them for making time to  fight crime at every level.

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