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Phony Chapstick, Baby Oil Among Products Seized In $2 Million Counterfeit Bust

Chapstick, Vicks VapoRub, Johnson’s Baby Oil and Vaseline were among the very popular products that were being made in a warehouses on Long Island. The products were then sold to smaller stores in New York, Pennsylvania and Florida.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced Friday the arrests of Pardeep Malik, 59, and Hamant Mullick, 60, for making, packaging and selling $2 million worth of bogus goods.

The scheme was uncovered following a fire at one of the warehouses last April. During a follow-up visit from the fire marshal, officials stumbled upon the counterfeiting operation, Rice said.

“Counterfeit products such as these have the potential to pose health risks because of the ingredients used and the lack of proper sanitary controls under which they are produced. One of the things that we found is this book here, called The Formula for Lip Balm. ”


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