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Donald Bambenek II Seattle Tacoma Private Investigator

Donald Bambenek II

Mr. Bambenek retired from the United States Customs Service as a Senior Special Agent on May 3, 2001. He had been assigned to the Seattle Office of Investigations, working in Seattle, SeaTac airport, and the seaports of Seattle and Tacoma from January 1993 until his retirement. He was also assigned to Florida and Arizona early in his career.

Mr. Bambenek authored Threat Assessments for the airport and seaports in his area of responsibility and worked closely with the United States Coast Guard and other governmental agencies to ensure responsible agencies were notified of his findings.He provided and received critical information and intelligence from other governmental agencies concerning security threats. Mr. Bambenek spoke at the Tacoma, Washington, Port Security meeting in the late 1990’s and addressed the issues of narcotics smuggling, weapons smuggling, currency smuggling and intelligence gathering efforts by foreign nationals which were conducted in this area. He addressed concerns over the lack of Port Security in Seattle and Tacoma at that time.

His belief is that a weakness in security makes us more vulnerable to greater threats. Mr. Bambenek has more than 26 years of experience in law enforcement and industrial security, specializing in covert operations. He has been involved in international enforcement operations involving the transportation of tons of cocaine from Colombia, tons of Hashish from Pakistan, multimillion dollar money laundering investigations, and apprehension of fugitives in the United States and on foreign soil.

Undercover OperationsAs a U.S. Customs certified Undercover Operative, Mr. Bambenek was responsible for infiltrating several international organizations, which provided valuable intelligence and the ability to control shipments from other countries into the United States and overseas. As a result, Mr. Bambenek was able to coordinate the interception of narcotics and personnel in the United States and abroad. He was responsible for targeted shipments, the apprehension of those shipments, and all security related to the shipments. Where he initiated controlled deliveries, he had the sole responsibility for custody. Whether in international waters, foreign countries, or United States territories, he was responsible for the safety and security of arrestees and witnesses under his care. While assigned to Secret Service details, WTO, and APEC, he was responsible for dignitary protection.

Direct liaison with foreign governments allowed Mr. Bambenek to coordinate law enforcement operations to optimize enforcement capabilities without exposing valuable assets in the United States and in foreign countries.

Mr. Bambenek has initiated investigations involving the protection of intellectual property, exposing corporate espionage, supply chain security, and cargo theft. Because of his background, he has been contacted by clients around the country to aid them in identifying violators, making undercover contacts with the violators, and  conducting thorough investigations into their illegal activities. Those investigations have been conducted over the internet, the telephone, or through personal contact.

Mr. Bambenek conducted background investigation for U.S. Customs and the Department of Defense for potential employees and civilian contractors. He performed security investigations to aid the government in determining an individual’s suitability for a security clearance and/or the organization’s suitability. This included investigations on military personnel, employees of the Department of Defense, other select Federal agency personnel, Congress and staff, National Security Agency, Naval Investigative Service employees, defense contractors, or any individual, corporation, or commercial entity that might have access to DOD classified information or technical data. When developing adverse information during the investigations, he would immediately expand the investigation in order to cover additional information relevant to the case adjudication.

Mr. Bambenek also has a distinguished background in Loss Prevention, working for major corporations and recovering substantial losses resulting from internal and external theft. This was accomplished by bringing federal, state, and local investigators into his investigations and communicating directly with the prosecutor and thereby securing restitution.