Active Shooter awareness training

Active shooter situations have become all too frequent in our communities. Whether it is in the workplace, nursing home, movie theater, or shopping mall, everyone should prepare themselves for a possible confrontation. The active shooter is determined to cause maximum damage to as many individuals as possible. The incidents usually are not predictable, and come without warning.

In most cases, law enforcement arrives on scene after numerous deaths have occurred.

Whether it is a firearm, a knife, car, truck, or other weapon, the outcome is sadly the same, loss of human life.

Situational awareness is key to survival. Our ancestors learned to survive by being aware of what was going on around them. Unfortunately we seem to ignore persons and events around us. Many times that is how victims are selected. They are inattentive, occupied with gadgets, and not paying attention to the actions of others. The elderly have become targets of thugs playing “Knock Out”, strong armed robbery, or simple assaults.

In law enforcement, you learn to stay in a heightened, highly vigilant state as a self-protection mechanism. In today’s society we must all be aware of our surroundings, alert to individuals in our area, and be ready to respond to potential threats.

While many businesses and elderly care facilities may have Active Shooter classes for their managers and staff, they need to also assure those in their care are also versed in emergency planning to increase their odds of survival in critical incidents.

The Department of Homeland Security has a website with an Active Shooter Preparedness guide ( ) that is a beginning introduction to the subject matter. For further information or instruction on this matter feel free to contact me, or call (253) 255-6910, in the Gig Harbor area.

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Association of Former Customs Special Agents (AFCSA)
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A smartphone application that could expose your personal information to criminals

Gary Miliefsky was interviewed by Bret Baier about an alarming privacy breach posed by smartphone flashlight apps.

Miliefsky, who has allegedly advised two White House administrations on cybersecurity, described this problem as bigger than Ebola because 500 million people are infected and they don’t know it.

Miliefsky explained that the top 10 flashlight apps currently available at the Google Play store are all malware.

“They’re malicious, they’re spying, they’re snooping and they’re stealing,” he said, adding that that stolen information has primarily flowed into three countries: China, India and Russia.

Miliefsky added that the stolen data is used mainly for criminal purposes, but if one of those states wants information on Americans, they now have easier access.

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Donald A. Bambenek II
Bambenek Investigative Group
4810 Pt. Fosdick Drive NW,  200
Gig Harbor, Washington 98335-1711
(253) 255-6910
Association of Former Customs Special Agents (AFCSA)
Federal Law Enforcement Officer’s Association (FLEOA)
Oregon Association of Licensed Investigators
Pacific Northwest License, Tax, and Fraud Association (PNLTFA)

Professional Protection

Bambenek Investigative Group has provided residential, business, and personal protection, for a variety of clients. We have covered special events, domestic travel, guest appearance protection, and conducted client vulnerability investigations.

Whether it is protection for a Corporate Executive, professional athletes, a television or radio personality, or any client who feels the need for this service, we have provided the level of protection they have required.

Concert Tour
Special Events
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Corporate Executive Protection

Executive & Personal Protection
Armed and Unarmed Private Investigators
Premise Protection
Stalking issues
Corporate Executives, Family members, and Staff
Termination – Work Place Violence – Asset recovery
Corporate Special Events
Domestic Violence
Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
Music and Film Industry
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Security Consultant

Donald Bambenek has 26 years experience with the United States Treasury and the Department of Defense, which includes dignitary and witness protection in the United States and abroad. Mr. Bambenek utilizes a team of licensed private investigators, who are former federal agents, state and local law enforcement officers, and government employees.  This team has provided professional, high quality protection and investigative services, and continues to offer the type of services high profile clients require. He has extensive experience with Personal and Executive Protection that include high profile celebrities, corporate executives, government officials, and witnesses.

Utilizing retired federal agents and former law enforcement officers, who have trained, and worked together as a team has been very beneficial to our clients.
Having traveled extensively throughout the United States, and abroad, we have developed law enforcement contacts and private investigative contacts in most major cities. Contact for further information.

Workplace Violence

Terminated employees continue to be a concern to all businesses because of the number of violent responses seen across the country.  Many of the incidents have led to the loss of life. Staging a meeting away from the office to a neutral location, and having trained investigators on hand to assist can lessen the tension and be a safer solution for all involved.

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Private Detectives and Investigators

“Private Detectives and Investigators”, defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics,  The Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 Edition, provides an outline that might be interesting to those researching this career field.

It can be viewed online at: