Counterfeit goods hurt legitimate retailers and the local economy

Over the weekend, U.S. customs agents say they seized two million dollars worth of counterfeit items at an Elmore County flea market.

Elmore County’s Santuck Flea Market is open for business on the first Saturday of every month, with vendors selling everything from area rugs to electronics. But the Flea Market was just the site of a federal raid, with more than 100 agents confiscating what they say were counterfeit goods. Some say they’re pleased with the big bust.

“These retail stores, it’s taking away from businesses and also cuts jobs because if you’re not going into the retail store to buy things then people are not going to have jobs,” says Montgomery resident Felicia Rose.

“Every dollar that goes toward counterfeit merchandise is a dollar that’s essentially stolen from legitimate vendors,” says Cox. “They pay taxes, they employ workers and they support the overall healthy economy.”

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