Dozens of victims lost close to $1 million, after purchasing counterfeit Louis Vuitton merchandise.

Handbags and accessories go hand-in-hand with high fashion, so it’s no wonder there is a healthy market for counterfeit goods.

Pam (last name withheld) sought a high-end bag, but a search online led to something quite different.

“I had admired a friend’s pocketbook,” she said, “and it was a Louis Vuitton and it was a specific style but was told that they discontinued it.”

So she went online and found a site that claimed all items were sent with a letter of authenticity.

“The price was pretty much on target for what would be an authentic bag,” she said. She ordered items totaling more than $1,400.

It arrived, without the certificate of authenticity.

Then, within an hour or two, she received a phone call, from New York postal inspectors who were tracking the website and items being sent to customers. They told her they had to confiscate the bag as evidence.

A representative from Louis Vuitton came in and examine all the bags. They were able to confirm items were counterfeit.

Inspectors say dozens of victims lost close to $1 million.

Three suspects pleaded guilty to attempted wire fraud and counterfeit goods charges in this case and are awaiting sentencing.


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