Gun Control via the United Nations

GUN CONTROL!!! The United Nations might be conspiring with the majority of it’s members to set U.S. Firearms policy.  Can they undermine our Constitution? Can an organization whose members are some of the worst humans rights violators, dictate to citizens of the United States what our Rights should be.

While it might seem impossible, you might want to view youtube, and then reconsider.

Is it true that Arab and Islamic states consistently vote against the U.S. in the United Nations? You be the judge.  View and then decide for yourself. If you do your own in-depth research, it might shock you. Then look at what the United States gives to these same countries, in foreign aid.

Then examine whether the United States foreign aid to those countries results in their supporting us in critical votes. Read more

I believe that it is time to curtail foreign aid to those member countries that continue to have a propensity to violate civil rights and continue to vote against the United States in the U.N. General Assembly.   It is time for the Citizens of the United States to urge our own government to stop wasting billions of dollars in foreign aid, and rebuild our nation and it’s economy.

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