Peninsula Light Company June 2012 newsletter concerning Copper Thefts

Thefts of copper, bronze, and aluminum are on the rise at abandoned commercial buildings, empty homes and—most dangerously—at power substations near neighborhoods.

Peninsula Light Company (PLC), needs your help to keeping their equipment safe, to prevent outages and save lives.

Copper now sells for about five times the amount it went for in 2001. PLC uses copper to ground our equipment, protecting it from electrical surges and lightning by giving electricity a safe path to ground.

This year the WA State legislators passed HB 2570 to combat metal theft. The bill includes a specification that it is first-degree theft to take metal wire from a utility, including a “consumer-owned utility,” if the resulting property damage is at least $5,000. It will be second-degree theft if damages run between $750 and $4,999.

To protect the public, PLC has surrounded their substations with secure fencing, has posted warning signs and implemented other security measures. If you notice anything unusual, such as an open substation gate, open equipment or hanging wire, call PenLight immediately at (253) 857-5950. If you see anyone other than our utility personnel or contractors around substations or other electric facilities, call Law Enforcement.

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