Firearms training for school employees. TEXAS

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, speaking at a conservative policy summit, where according to the Associated Press he said under his plan school districts would choose who would receive the training, which would expand on what the state requires for concealed handgun license applicants. The training would include how to react in an active shooter situation.

“God forbid we should have an active shooter crisis in our schools,” Dewhurst said. “Eight hours of instruction and two hours on the range is not sufficient.”

In a statement released to the media Friday afternoon, Dewhurst asked state senators to hold a hearing on the topic.

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Teachers take self-defense courses to learn to tackle a gunman.

San Antonio teachers learn to take on a gunman.


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Auburn University, Active shooters in school, options based active-shooter policy for schools.

Auburn University has a video on youtube that every school district should evaluate and consider implementing for the safety of their teachers, staff,  and students.  Routine fire drills have been very effective in preparing and preventing loss of life, due to fires, in schools for over 50 years. Having an emergency plan of action and rehearsing it regularly could save lives.

Review the video and see if the A.L.I.C.E. program could be beneficial.