Personal locates, wellness checks, serving process, and other investigative needs.

Personal locates, wellness checks, and serving process, like any other matter we handle, is a vital component to helping our clients. I group those together, because in many instances they start out with the same requirements.

A client usually requests the services of Bambenek Investigative Group, to fulfill one of those needs. After eliciting all the information the client has, usually in written form, the information is verified, or expanded.   Many times the client does not have a photograph, the current address, or identifying data on the individual, for whatever reason.

In every investigation, Bambenek Investigative Group begins by searching various sites, in an attempt to obtain that vital information which is critical to completing the assignment successfully. Identifying a current address is the single most important factor at this point. However, having all the known addresses can also provide additional clues to the individual’s whereabouts, in case the most current known address proves fruitless. I spend at least an hour doing these searches, to reduce the time I spend in the field. Finding a digital image of the individual is the next chore. If the client doesn’t have one, I attempt to locate one that will hopefully provide visual confirmation that I am addressing the right individual, once I make an approach. ( I occasionally get cases from law firms, who have had another process server, actually serve the wrong individual.)  However, sometimes digital images are not available.

In doing locates, where it is practical, I ask the client’s permission to verify the subject’s location by making telephonic contact with the subject. In one case that has provided  a benefit to me and the client, as the subject was located in another state. In a similar case, where the law firm did not want me to make a telephone call, I provided the firm with the most recent addresses and telephone numbers of the subject, out of state. This case involved a witness, for the client, in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. The firm had attempted to locate and interview this witness, to no avail. The law firm later contacted me and advised me that one of the phone numbers, and an address I provided them with, belonged to the witness.

In a recent case, I had been contacted by an out of state law firm in an attempt to locate their client who had retained them in a major lawsuit. The firm had lost contact with their client and there was a filing that needed to be accomplished within 72 hours. The firm had used another company to locate the witness, but that had failed. I was able to confirm an address, meet with their client within an hour, and put the law firm in touch with their client.

In another case, a law firm had hired a process service company to serve an individual in a nearby city. The firm provided the potential addresses for the individual. The process service company reported having gone to the most current addresses but was unable to locate the individual. I confirmed the current addresses, and discovered the individual would not be back in the local area for 30 days. I notified the client but was asked to attempt service. I found digital images of the individual and live-in girlfriend before going to the most current address. Upon arriving at the address, I met with the live-in girlfriend, and developed a rapport with her. I completed service by leaving a copy with the live-in girlfriend. I asked her to have the subject contact me when he arrived back in the state. Within 30 days the subject returned to the state, called me and I completed service again, at the client’s request.

Washington State man sentenced for trafficking counterfeit airbags

A Vancouver, Wash. man who imported and sold hundreds of counterfeit vehicle airbags on eBay and Craigslist, was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Tacoma to six months in prison, announced U.S. Attorney Jenny A. Durkan.

He allegedly imported counterfeit Honda, Subaru and Toyota airbags from sources in China and elsewhere, and sold them over the internet representing them as the genuine product.  He sold at least 964 of the counterfeit airbags via eBay with a sales total of $137,243.  He sold individual Honda airbags for an asking price of $110.

“The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has tested some counterfeit airbags resulting in alarming failures.  Driving a car equipped with a counterfeit airbag may be more dangerous than driving a car with no airbag at all in light of the potential for explosive shrapnel being thrown at the driver or passenger whose airbag fails…

The case was investigated by the FBI and Homeland Security Investigations.

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United States-Myanmar Joint Plan on Fighting Trafficking in Persons

The Governments of the Union of Myanmar and the United States; affirming their commitment to the global effort to combat human trafficking, a modern form of slavery that afflicts both of our nations; recognizing the requirements and provisions of the UN Protocol to Suppress, Punish, and Prevent Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, supplementing the 2000 UN Convention on Transnational Organized Crime; acknowledging the progress made by the Government of Myanmar in addressing sex trafficking and forced labor over the last two years.