Locating clients, defendants, fugitives, heirs, and witnesses.

Locating clients, defendants, fugitives, heirs, and witnesses.

In the 1970’s, I began working for the federal government. I began generating cases involving subjects who committed an offense and fled the area. In many of those cases, I had to identify the violator, document the case, then set out to locate that individual. I particularly enjoyed locating and arresting fugitives. I continued locating and apprehending fugitives throughout my career. I was able to track fugitives as they travelled around the world and throughout various countries. When they travelled to a country where I knew we could have them extradited from, I would contact authorities in that country to have them arrested. I would contact the appropriate United States Attorney’s Office and have them initiate the Request for Provisional Arrest. In one case I was required to testify in a foreign court to satisfy that court’s request for extradition.

Since I retired from federal service, I have been asked by numerous clients and law firms to locate witnesses, defendants, heirs and even clients they had lost contact with. Many of those were time sensitive matters that had been assigned to others. Having decades of experience in such matters has given me some insight as to where to start my investigation. Some of the cases that others have failed to complete have been fairly straightforward. I accomplished some of those in hours. Others might take days depending on the subject, the location and the wishes of the client.

I routinely take on these types of cases and have enjoyed completing them to my client’s satisfaction.

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Professional Protection

Bambenek Investigative Group has provided residential, business, and personal protection, for a variety of clients. We have covered special events, domestic travel, guest appearance protection, and conducted client vulnerability investigations.

Whether it is protection for a Corporate Executive, professional athletes, a television or radio personality, or any client who feels the need for this service, we have provided the level of protection they have required.

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Corporate Executive Protection

Executive & Personal Protection
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Donald Bambenek has 26 years experience with the United States Treasury and the Department of Defense, which includes dignitary and witness protection in the United States and abroad. Mr. Bambenek utilizes a team of licensed private investigators, who are former federal agents, state and local law enforcement officers, and government employees.  This team has provided professional, high quality protection and investigative services, and continues to offer the type of services high profile clients require. He has extensive experience with Personal and Executive Protection that include high profile celebrities, corporate executives, government officials, and witnesses.

Utilizing retired federal agents and former law enforcement officers, who have trained, and worked together as a team has been very beneficial to our clients.
Having traveled extensively throughout the United States, and abroad, we have developed law enforcement contacts and private investigative contacts in most major cities. Contact don@bambenekinvestigations.com for further information.